Jordan Fly Unlimited PFX CP Performance Reviews

In recent years, in addition to the innovative main line series and classic replica shoes, Jordan Brand has also launched a practical sneaker with a high CP value. Although there is no latest technology configuration, if the budget is limited, it is an outdoor Lord, this test of Jordan Fly Unlimited would be a good choice.

Let’s start with an overview. The shoes are made of lightweight woven material. The stilettos have velcro and inner boots. The XDR sole is equipped with a wave-shaped deep pit pattern, while the cushioning is easy to use the forefoot Zoom Air.

The body of the shoe is light and soft, and the inner boot of the moderate thickness is like a cushion. It has a good air permeability and no squeaky feeling. The cushioning uses the forefoot Zoom Air and Phylon. When I saw Nike or Jordan Brand use this match on the mid-priced shoes, the flexible Zoom Air can make cushioning and resilience, while the midsole is not thick enough to stick the feet and improve the reaction performance, but the Phylon part It is more difficult to feel the elasticity.

When you wear it for the first time, your feet can adapt quickly. The velcro that can be adjusted at will does not cause discomfort. However, if the soles are thick or wide, it will be more difficult to insert the inner boots. It also takes a little effort to get in. In addition, the part of the arch is narrow. When wearing it, some parts will be placed on the arch of the arch. It is recommended to try on it before purchase.

The inner boot is wrapped in ankles, but it is only wrapped in the position below the eyes. The design of the ten-minute velcro is small, and the sneakers can be adjusted according to your preference. Secondly, the laces can be attached to prevent the laces from loosening. Off, but the sneakers of the sneakers are thinner and have no elasticity. The feeling of wrapping the velcro is not as good as it is.

The heel has a plastic material to enhance the stability of the sneakers. The forefoot has extra vacancies, but it does not cause the soles of the feet to slide in the shoes. Overall, even if the Velcro performance is not as expected, the enough package is still enough.

The sole is made of XDR material, and the pit pattern is easier to be deeper than the general shoes. The horizontal stripes are the position of the Zoom Air. There is no abrasion after the outdoor tamping, but the midsole will have obvious creases.

In terms of grip, it is also handy for outdoor stone shovel to emergency stop, but it is tested indoors after being used outdoors. Even after cleaning, the grip performance is not as good as that in outdoor sarcophagus, so it may be smaller in the NBA. I saw this figure on the screen.

Jordan Fly Unlimited does not have a star blessing (only found in Bismack Biyombo), the attention must not be high, in the case of a low budget and the main outdoor friends, the price of HK$799 may even have a discount, this It is definitely worth considering. If you are a friend who is looking for cushioning and grip, you may want to try to find out if it is appropriate.

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