New images of latest Nike KD 11 ‘Paranoid’

If something in this world is to be named after itself, how will things develop? Most people who include editing may not have the opportunity to experience it personally, but from the signature shoe we can often feel the subtle connection between people and objects. “California’s casual style” was described by the Nike KD 11 official. Nike condensed professional sports technology into simple shapes, reminding me of Kevin Durant’s first impression of the superstar when he first visited Taipei two years ago. At the event, he only saw him easily and happily shooting consecutive shots and almost did not miss the goal. He just shot the ball and then “worry about the game.” It seems to be easy but it is not easy. But now, I feel the same feeling when I see KD11. Behind the unpretentious is the top technical note. Flyknit, Zoom Air, and Nike React are the sum totals of Kevin Durant’s latest comrades.

Full foot Zoom Air + Nike React
Eye-catching performance specifications
With the Zoom Air air cushion and Nike React on the whole foot, if I want to use this metaphor, I think it’s probably the Kevin Durant’s Warriors. The first time the two major science and technology players became one of Nike KD 11‘s favorite editors to look forward to wearing one of the highlights, this designer Leo Chang expressed that Kevin Durant’s experience in creating shoes for his players is probably the most challenging one he has ever encountered because of his The skills are very comprehensive, long shots are close to the show are good at hand, so this time with two material formula to take the characteristics of two materials to meet his needs.

The invaluable midsole is undoubtedly the focus of attention. The initial try-in felt that the air-cushion unit with the KD9 and KD10 separate concept emphasizes the feedback difference. Stepping on the Nike KD 11 Paranoid is the first full-length Zoom Air Q-bulb that fills the sole of the foot. To a certain extent, Nike React’s shock-absorbing and stabilizing effect plays a role. It can be said that the full-feeling air cushion has a full touch and is not overly soft. The stability and cushioning are fairly balanced, but the thicker structure does sacrifice some of the reaction. Sexuality, suitability or not depends on everyone’s need to wear.

From the beginning of the Nike KD, the midsole of the Zhengdai series can be said to be the home of Zoom Air, in which the full palm air cushion has been refined and evolved on the KD8~10 road, and the new technology has been ushered in the next 10 years. Designer Leo Chang’s above-mentioned Zoom Air and the lower-level Nike React built the KD11 midsole system, which combines rebound and comfort. When it comes to changing Kevin Durant, this is related to his own style of play. The attack mode is more expensive. For example, when cutting into the startup, it is not necessarily the direct driving basket. He can also rush to pull up the jumper to complete the task, “I need my shoe to be right there with me.” Kevin Durant said.

Upper evolution comes from KD’s daily dressing preferences
A full set of Nike Tech Fleece casual wear, with Epic React Flyknit or Flyknit Trainer, you can often see Kevin Durant outside the stadium, prefer to wear more relaxed and unconstrained, and love the knit material, he also asked the design team to take Flyknit Used in signature shoes, even this generation is designed with reference to his favorite running shoes. For example, the collar and tongue are inspired by Air Sock Racer, and the upper is made more flexible and can be obviously seen from the fabric texture. It can be seen that the weave meets actual combat requirements by matching dissimilar densities with yarns of different thicknesses.

The KD 11 officially titled ‘Paranoid’, talked about color inspiration. Kevin Durant shared that after winning the NBA championship last summer, many people were curious about how he felt inside. He used ‘Paranoid’. ‘As an answer, because he is eager to make progress every day and put more practice than anyone else, from the gymnasium in the town of Seat Pleasant in his youth, it is so hard to go all the way to the NBA after winning the championship. He always wants to be better on the court. It seems a bit paranoid, but it is a good aspect. Through the story behind, we can understand its meaning. In the details, it seems that the outsole has many slogans and represents different periods of career. Tone, pull out the two-legged insole and you’ll see Kevin Durant’s face portrait, the Slim Reaper that the defender doesn’t dare to take lightly every night.

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