Nike Hyperdunk X Performance Reviews

HYperdunk first appeared in 2008, from Nike Flywire and Lunarlon, to Flyknit and Nike React technology. In this decade of innovation, the Hyperdunk series has become a classic shoe for everyone. Hyperdunk is more comprehensive in positioning on the basketball court, focusing on the needs of the all-around players, but also suitable for team basketball shoes in different positions and styles on the court. So today, the Hyperdunk series can be seen anywhere in the NBA hall or on the street basketball court, which shows the Hyperdunk series on the court. The latest Hyperdunk X returns to its original heart and pays tribute to the past ten years of work. I don’t know if you have found the shadow of the Hyperdunk series in Nike Hyperdunk X.

On Court Performance-FIT

The Hyperdunk X shoe design is designed with 3/4 inner boots. It is easy to wear on the foot and has good comfort on the back. There is no obvious pressure on the inside of the toe. The overall body can be just attached. The small foot shape of the suit has a good coverage on the instep, midfoot and heel positions.

Hyperdunk X is normal on the last, and the overall body is not particularly large or thin, so the small article chooses the US10 that is usually worn. However, the size of the part will of course vary from person to person. If the small piece suggests the best, you can go to the store and try your own size.


For the small piece, in addition to the Flyknit material, there is a good effect for the basketball shoe to have a mix of two different materials in the shoe body. First, the application of the fabric and nylon material on the Hyperdunk X upper is matched. With a good coverage and comfort behind the feet, the Hyperdunk X’s shoelace system improves the fit of the shoe to the feet.
Hyperdunk X does not have the Flywire flying line technology as it used to be. Instead, it uses a wide cable strap that pulls the lower side of the shoelace more than the usual shoelace to improve the wide span of the shoelace and the wide cable system. The fit of the shoe body to the feet.

This kind of similar design can be seen in the shoes of KD10 and PG2 in the near future, and the newly launched KOBE AD can also be seen. Whether this strap system will become the future trend, let us wait and see!
Although the wrapping and comfort of the Hyperdunk X is not a problem, talking about its support in actual combat, it can be said that the Hyperdunk X is fatal. The support and protection of the Hyperdunk X should be separated in three parts. In terms of color, I can already share the feeling of the small piece for the support of the Hyperdunk X shoe.

1.The locking and supporting ability of the toe portion is insufficient. Because of the material limitation of the toe surface part, the inner cavity of the toe cap will be moved inward when changing direction and confrontation, and the outer side of the toe cap fails to provide a good one. Support and protection, I believe that its flexibility and support level will be able to satisfy all players one by one. For the forefoot needs a strong lock and support, it may bring some hidden worry. If it is not so high-intensity confrontation, the general street The confrontation can still be dealt with.
2.The middle part of the shoe body is made of nylon material. It is similar to the material of diving. The nylon material in the middle part is equipped with three pairs of cable system, plus the anti-rolling firmware on the outer side of the shoe body. There is a good setting. The anti-rollover firmware is more like an auxiliary support, but it is not enough to make up for the locking of the toe cap, but it is better than nothing.
3.The heel and the high-shoe part will have a good support and safety. After the shoelace is fastened, the nylon material of the tongue is not as thin as it is, which effectively reduces the pressure caused by tightening the shoelace. It is the part of the front tongue that has a clear sense of security.
The part of the shoe can cover the ankle, and the hardness and inner filling material on both sides of the shoe can support and protect the ankle part. The heel is left with a U-shaped design. When the ankle is protected, the flexibility is not completely erased. Inside players who have a high demand for ankle support can also provide the protection they need.

Hyperdunk X has a Hyperfuse coating on the toe cap for improved durability.

On Court Performance-MIDSOLE
The midsole of the HYPERDUNK X is equipped with a foam-mounted Zoom Air cushion for the front and rear palms. Basically, NIKE has a safety card. At the beginning, HYPERDUNK X was taken up. The small piece pressed the foam of the midsole. It felt that the midsole of HYPERDUNK X had been re-allocated, which was more flexible than the previous HYPERDUNK series. In conjunction with the front and rear Zoom Air cushions, this configuration is really difficult to refuse.

In the actual combat process, mainly because the foam of the midsole is moderately soft, so that the front and back of the Zoom Air play well, although the feeling of the forefoot Zoom Air will not be very obvious, it can be said that its feedback Just right, the forefoot can apply pressure to you and feel the rebound, and the forefoot feels strong; the back palm can also feel its cushioning when you are on the ground. It can be said that At the right end of the day, the Zoom Air of the HYPERDUNK X is so well matched to the midsole foam that the front and rear Zoom Air are even.

The 10 points on the inside of the midsole represent the HYPERDUNK series from the beginning of 2008 to the 10th generation.
In addition, the increase in the position of the foam on the inside of the midsole provides support for the arch.

On Court Performance-OUTSOLE
Hyperdunk X’s outsole kungfu is basically done, the outsole outer design, the design of the outer edge of the outsole on the outer side of the outsole can strengthen the external traction, and the position of the toe is also taken care of. Hyperdunk X’s outsole uses wavy grips, but the first part of the Hyperdunk X feels that the wavy outsole of the Hyperdunk X approximates the shape of the doll’s face, although the vertical undulating outsole is not like the traditional herringbone pattern. It is like the ability of the tiger to grasp the ground, but the wavy lines also provide multi-directional grip, and the actions such as emergency stop and steering are stable and stable. The undulating spacing of the outsole helps to reduce the accumulation of sand and gravel on the street and is stuck in the sole.

The position of the forefoot is provided with transparencies in the middle of the midsole and the outsole to enhance durability and prevent sharp foreign objects from damaging Zoom Air.

There are a total of 18 points on the outside of the heel, which can represent 2018 this year!

Hyperdunk X has returned to its original heart. There is no surprising appearance and technical equipment. It is the most acceptable form for the public. Everything is simple and simple. Hyperdunk X’s comfort is high, although the mid-bottom technology of the front and rear Zoom Air can be said to be nothing new, but NIKE has re-adjusted the midsole foam to make it feel even better. In addition, at the same time in the popular NIKE basketball shoes or the current low-tube basketball shoes trend, the choice of high-heeled basketball shoes is not too much, so the small article feels that the emergence of Hyperdunk X can make everyone have a good choice. Hyperdunk X inherits the tradition of the past series. It is a pair of basketball shoes with relatively average performance. It can be said that except for the lack of material support of the head part of the shoe, there are no extreme advantages and disadvantages in the performance of other aspects. It is this balance that is more comprehensive, so it has become the leader of the team basketball shoes.

Nike Hyperdunk X Release Dates

Nike Hyperdunk X
Color: Black/Black-White
Style Code: AR0467-001
Release Date: August 2018
Price: $130

Nike Hyperdunk X Kay Yow
Style Code: AV2059-001
Price: $130

Nike Hyperdunk X
Color: White/Black
Style Code: AR0467-100
Release Date: August 2018
Price: $130

Nike Hyperdunk X “USA”
Style Code: AO7893-400
Price: $130

Nike Hyperdunk X White
Style Code: AO7893-101
Price: $130

Nike Hyperdunk X “Flight Huarache”
Style Code: AO7893-002
Release Date: August 2018
Price: $130

Nike Hyperdunk X Low
Style Code: AR0465-500
Price: $120

Nike Hyperdunk X Low Hyper Jude
Style Code: AR0465-300
Price: $120

Nike Hyperdunk X Low
Style Code: AR0465-100
Price: $120

Nike Hyperdunk X Low Oreo
Style Code: AR0465-003
Price: $120

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