Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Reviews

Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Reviews
On the upper material, Nike Kyrie Flytrap adopts the inner and outer double fabrics, and the white upper outer upper adopts a large-area knitted fabric. The toe cap portion is added with a hot melt film reinforcement. The black inner boot on the inside of the instep adds a nylon elastic strap to increase the fit between the upper and the instep, and the ivory-style boot is embellished with Irving’s personal logo. The bottom end of the artificial leather of the heel corresponds to his jersey number.

The design of the outsole KYRIE FLYTRAP is also as close as possible to 4 generations. The forefoot section has the same crack design as the 4th generation. The rubbing pattern is also a mosaic shading, but the V-shaped arrangement is slightly different, but the cushioning concept of the midsole of these shoes is completely different from the original generation.

KYRIE FLYTRAP only uses a hexagonal zoom air cushion in the forefoot. The specific position of the air cushion is at the forefoot force point, which brings more feedback on the start. The specific performance is left to the actual stage.

Actual combat evaluation:package/support
First of all, let’s take a look at the package and support of FLYTRAP, because this pair of Flytrap adopts a thinner upper than the positive one, and the package and support are slightly down in comparison with the positive ones. The kind of thick feeling, when doing some disguised action, the toe is more obvious under external force.

With the burritos tongue, the sense of wrapping is relatively high-level. The tongue and the collar are also close to the foot when the sneaker is changing direction. The overall feeling space of the forefoot is similar to KYRIE4, and the space is large. The package lock is tighter, giving both feet a degree of freedom and stability.

After reducing the redesigned upper, the FLYTRAP also has a reduced weight. The single shoe weighs 350g. It has excellent weight control in the middle and low sneakers, which takes into account the half-palm boot upper. The burr tongue design, but the burr tongue is slightly weaker than the traditional tongue, and the adjustable ability of the shoelace is lower than that of the traditional tongue.

In the cushioning test, FLYTRAP’s air cushion configuration is relatively limited as a mid-range sneaker. Of course, this is also related to the style of Owen playing. A smaller hexagonal ZOOM AIR acts on the forefoot humerus. Directly below the feedback of the force point, the overall material cushioning, not suitable for the needs of large-weight golfers, for the ball wind brisk, speed first, more ball-controlled friends are more suitable.

This pair of shoes can stand up to the name of the Owen series. The side of the shoe can see the sole pattern of the outer turn to the midsole. The principle is similar to the herringbone. The zigzag pattern of the outer turn to the midsole makes the whole outsole Each area can give feedback to the players’ friction, and sufficient grip performance is also the basis of complex and variable ball formation.

Midsole anti-twist
In the anti-torsion link, we just said that although the thinner FLYTRAP uppers are reduced, the stable midsole structure makes it very resistant to the midsole deformation, even if the positioning of the mid-end does not affect the actual performance. The built-in TPU support bar in the midsole ensures the overall rigidity of the sneaker. You can directly feel the feedback of the ground force when wearing it. It will not increase the risk of injury due to the deformation of the midsole due to the uncertainty of the landing angle.

overall As the “Twin Brothers” of Nike Kyrie 4, KYRIE FLYTRAP is casual and fashionable, comfortable to wear, durable in material quality, and its combat performance is also in the upper-middle level. At the current price, it is a pair of star-studded shoes for the students’ summer party.

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