Nike Lebron 15 Low White Metallic Performance Review

Test shoes:Nike Lebron 15 Low White Metallic
Wearing Size:US 10.5
Using technology:Flywire, BattleKnit, Zoom Air, Max Air
Recommended size:Wide toe position, users can follow the previous shoe size or select a half size

The performance of Emperor James may not have been forgotten, but the low version of the LeBron series has been abandoned by the crowd for reasons other than heavy, non-stick, etc., whether the LeBron XV Low EP (hereinafter referred to as XV LOW) equipped with BattleKnit can What about washing the gas and re-attaching the gold painter’s logo?

Ankle support and flexibility:
Don’t let XV’s low barrel and BattleKnit’s configuration make you misunderstand. The adjectives such as agility and agility are not applicable to this pair of shoes. XV LOW feels the so-called “feeling of the ground” when it’s real, so it’s a bit slow for actions such as various exploration or emergency stop that require certain sensitivity.

Following the design of the LeBron XV EP, the XV LOW source uses the simplest integrated BattleKnit structure, an enhanced version of Flyknit specially recast for the Great, providing a nearly 1:1 wrap, while Flywire and fillers assist Knitted fabric, the foot close to the dynamics of shoes. The rough shoelaces on the XV LOW also provide extra pressure on the instep position, which matches the outer edge of the Outrigger, which is wider than the normal XV. This further enhances the stability of the XV LOW and also offsets some of the disadvantages of being too high off the ground.

Comfort and cushioning performance:
Comfortable shoes often have a decisive influence on the overall performance. Leaving aside other performances, comfort alone, the LeBron XV LOW EP has already beaten the crowd in this area. Combining BattleKnit with the forefoot Zoom Air and the 180-degree MAX AIR on the heel, XV LOW can provide nearly zero impact on every leaping and landing. In addition, the back of the padding keeps the Flyknit on the ankle in close contact with the feet. Even if the XV LOW’s toe is wide, it keeps the foot firmly in the shoe cage.

The midsole of Nike LeBron 15 is thicker than the low-heeled shoes of the same type, so there is absolutely no need to worry about the problem of cushioning. The forefoot Zoom Air needs a certain level of Break-in to trigger Air’s feedback, but due to the thicker midsole, the feedback is not obvious; on the offensive/defensive side, the MAX AIR at the back of the palm acts as a shock absorber. The role, for the larger users, the low offensive and rebounding is even more valuable MAX AIR. However, MAX AIR is softer, and care must be taken to prevent unsteady ground motions.

Durability and grip:
The overall durability of the XV LOW was surprising. The most worrying BattleKnit was still thicker than the average Flyknit. Even if the game was a little scratchy, there was no significant loss. The texture and configuration of the soles are different from those of ordinary XVs. XV LOW does not divide the outsole into 3 parts, and there is no independent line direction.

Under the XV LOW is just a simple three-dimensional triangle twill, but it is very good on the ground and durability! Without the separate Zoom Air configuration, XV LOW’s texture can be displayed in a complete manner at the player’s feet. The line angle is also set for cut-in and other actions. Even if the venue is relatively dusty, it is sufficient to cope with it. As for its three-dimensional outstanding design, it also helps to enhance the durability of the lines. I took an outdoor game of 4-5 hours per week or practice as an example. The loss of the lines was only a moment away from the sharp corners of the triangles. Geopolitics believe there is still a long period of time.

Air permeability:
Even with sweat, XV LOW’s BattleKnit upper offers breathability that still gives you a cool feeling. The collar is thinner, without the shackles of traditional tongues, and the air permeability is more pronounced.

Overall, LEBRON’s XV LOW is not the player’s first choice or Tier 1’s actual shoes, but with heavy training and low-level players, this pair of shoes offers great flexibility while retaining Sufficient lock-in and stability allow you to run freely on the field. The strong cushioning configuration gives the player an excuse to use it for a long time. When you are competent in all aspects, I believe that you will no longer use the “casual shoes” point of view with respect to the Emperor’s low-end series.

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